Development Actors, Land Systems, and the SDGs

Dear respondent,

This survey is brought to you by the GLP International Programme Office, currently located at the University of Bern, Centre for Development and Environment (CDE)


The Global Land Programme (GLP) is an interdisciplinary community of science and practice advancing the study of land systems and the co-design of solutions for global sustainability. Land systems lie at the intersection of diverse interests and claims concerning societies’ needs for sustainable development. Within the land policy and land science community alike, there is growing recognition that the implementation of the UNs Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) may translate into competing claims on scarce land resources (trade-offs), and research points to emerging opportunities for land-based innovations (synergies), and the possibility that co-design of sustainable land systems may play a strong role in alleviating these competing claims and aid achievement of the SDGs.

In this context, the GLP seeks to strengthen its transformative potentials by intensifying its competencies in co-production of knowledge and identification of knowledge gaps through transdisciplinary approaches and by establishing science-policy interfaces with non-academic partners at national and international levels. With support from the Swiss Development Cooperation (SDC) GLP’s International Programme Office is carrying out a three year effort to pilot science-policy interfaces and forge stronger linkages between the land science and policy communities and to bring the land topic to the fore of debates on global environmental change.

The survey will support this effort and is designed to understand:


  • The involvement of your institution/organisation with SDG interactions related to land;
  • The land-related priorities / needs of your institution/organisation;
  • The perspective of your institution/organisation on Science-Policy Interface on land.

This survey will only take about 10 to 15 min. We thank you in advance for your contribution.

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GLP Team


Ariane de Bremond (GLP Executive Officer)

Isabelle Providoli (Research Scientist)

Albrecht Ehrensperger (Research Scientist)

Peter Messerli (CDE Director and GLP co-chair)